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Serene Aluminum Cabinetry

Fire Magic Pizza Stone Kit with Wooden Pizza Peel

Fire Magic Pizza Stone Kit with Wooden Pizza Peel

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The Pizza Stone Kit includes everything you need to make artisan style pizzas on most Fire Magic or AOG Gas Grills.

Elevate your pizza game with our Fire Magic Pizza Stone Kit! Crafted from durable cordierite mineral, our stones can withstand extreme temperatures and thermal shock, ensuring long-lasting use. With our kit, your grill can reach its full pizza-making potential, creating mouthwatering pies time after time.


  • 16 (1/4)" x 16 (1/4)" stainless steel frame
  • 14" x 14" x 5/8" durable cordierite * baking stone
  • 12" x 19" wooden pizza peel
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