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Serene Aluminum Cabinetry

Napoleon Bamboo 6" Skewers

Napoleon Bamboo 6" Skewers

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These 6-inch Bamboo Skewers are fantastic for homemade kebabs and skewers. Sturdy and just the right width that food won't split or spin around while loading and grilling. The tab on the end makes these Bamboo Skewers easy to grip and turn when barbecuing. These easy to use skewers are ideal for beautiful presentation and sourced from a renewable resource.


  • Set of 48 six-inch skewers are ideal for appetizer size shish-kebabs
  • Easy to load with sharp pointed end. Sturdy, flat design won't split food when loading
  • The tab on the end is easy to grip and makes it easy to flip food while cooking as well as providing a sturdy grip when serving and eating
  • Bamboo is a strong natural fiber that is fast growing without the need or use of pesticides
  • The lovely bamboo and nice end tab makes a lovely presentation when serving food to guests
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