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Napoleon Charcoal Ring and Diffusor Plate

Napoleon Charcoal Ring and Diffusor Plate

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Get that smoky flavor with the Napoleon Charcoal Ring and Diffuser Plate and turn your Charcoal Barbecue into a smoker. Just add wood chips or chunks. Wrangle the charcoal and keep it at the perfect temperature with airflow technology built right into the charcoal ring. Use the diffuser plate to distribute the heat evenly for consistent temperatures and the best low-and-slow cooking you can get on a charcoal barbecue. This keeps those coals going for a longer cook times, which means you will be adding less charcoal. Low and slow-grilled dished like pulled pork or brisket have never been easier on your Napoleon Charcoal Barbecue with the help of the Charcoal Ring with Diffuser Plate. Clever, multifunctional, and easy to maintain, every backyard benefits from the addition of a Napoleon barbecue accessory. Our accessories provide you with the essentials to create delicious grilled food. Enhance your cooking arsenal with a wide variety of creative additions to broaden your culinary horizons.


  • 100-Percent stainless steel construction for durability and longevity
  • Easy to clean, just throw the parts into your dishwasher for a fast and easy cleanup
  • Use the Charcoal Ring to wrangle and contain charcoal for easier lighting and heat distribution
  • Add the Diffuser Plate to increase the ease of heat management, extending the longevity of lit charcoal
  • Use the Charcoal Ring and Diffusor Plate to extend charcoal use for longer cooking times
  • Perfect for low-and-slow barbecue and smoking
  • Turn your Napoleon, and other 22-inch (55.9 cm), Charcoal Barbecue Grills into a smoker
  • Use with wood chips and chunks for delicious smoky flavor
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