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Napoleon Heavy Duty Rotisserie Kit for All Rogue Grill Series

Napoleon Heavy Duty Rotisserie Kit for All Rogue Grill Series

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Whether you have a compact Rogue® 365, 425 or a large Rogue® 525 Series Model, this Stainless Steel, Heavy Duty, Multi-Piece Rotisserie Kit will fit your needs. Made with food grade stainless steel, the square spit rod features rod extensions to ensure that you can go the distance. As it turns, the food on a rotisserie will baste itself in its own juices, creating the most succulent meats. The heavy-duty motor can turn up to 26.5 pounds of a balanced load. The two four pronged forks will securely hold everything you could wish to spit roast and they tighten securely with easy to use thumb screws.

Compatible Grills:

  • RXT425SIBNK-1
  • RXT425SIBNSS-1
  • RXT425SIBPK-1
  • RXT425SIBPSS-1
  • RXT525SIBNK-1
  • RXT525SIBNSS-1
  • RXT525SIBPK-1
  • RXT525SIBPSS-1
  • RXT625SIBNK-1
  • RXT625SIBNSS-1-A
  • RXT625SIBPK-1
  • RXT625SIBPSS-1-A
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