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Napoleon JETFIRE Chimney Starter

Napoleon JETFIRE Chimney Starter

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The JETFIRE™ Chimney Starter is a quick, safe and efficient way to start charcoal for your charcoal barbecue grills. Have charcoal hot and ready to use in minutes, the JETFIRE™ Chimney Starter holds enough charcoal to fill most charcoal barbecue grills. To use, fill the underside of the JETFIRE™ Chimney Starter with Napoleon wood wool. Turn the JETFIRE™ Chimney Starter over and fill the main chamber with as much charcoal as needed for your cook - a few large chunks of hardwood lump charcoal for smoking, up to a full load for some high heat searing. Once filled, light the wood wool on fire through the bottom vents of the starter. Allow the paper to burn off, which ignites the bottom coals. The heat from the bottom coals rises igniting the rest. Using heat-resistant gloves, lift the JETFIRE™ Chimney Starter by the handle and pour the lit charcoal into your barbecue grill.


  • Charcoal chimney starter lights charcoal 30% faster than other chimney starters
  • Airflow has been maximized to ensure the charcoal is lit every time
  • The directional shield ensures your hands and arms are kept safe from heat and sparks
  • Triangle shape ensures precision pouring of lit charcoal where you need it in your charcoal barbecue
  • This stainless steel charcoal starter is easy to assemble
  • The JETFIRE Chimney Starter features a collapsible and portable design, folding flat to save space when adventuring
  • Made from durable stainless steel
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