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Napoleon Knife Set

Napoleon Knife Set

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Napoleon's PRO Series Professional Knife Set has everything you need for carving your meat perfectly. The Professional Knife Set comes with a 13.5 inch sharpened carving blade, a 12.75 inch carving fork, and four 9.5 inch serrated steak knives. Each of the pieces in this set is made entirely out of stainless steel. That means this set will last a long time. All of the pieces are seamless, single pieces, which means that there will be no loose handles and they definitely won't fall apart when washed. Each piece in this Professional Knife Set is perfectly balanced, meaning, when you hold the knives they feel good in your hand. The handles sport a smooth, rounded, Ambi-ergo feel. They're perfect if you are right or left-handed. All of the knives in this set are sharpened and ready for immediate use. So pick one up and use it on your latest culinary creation.


  • Set contains four steak knives, one carving knife and one meat fork
  • Each piece of this set is well balanced, full stainless steel, which means no loose handles and they definitely won't fall apart when washed
  • The carving knife is a large, 13.5-inch blade that comes fully sharpened and ready to serve
  • The large 12.75-inch carving fork is well suited to hold steady and serve any food you make
  • The four 9.5-inch serrated steak knives will remain sharper longer than flat edged blades
  • The handles sport a smooth, rounded, ambi-ergo feel. They're perfect if you are right or left-handed
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