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Sunstone Series 42" Gas Burner Hybrid Single Zone Charcoal & Wood Burning with Infra-Red Burner Grill (EMCHDZ42)

Sunstone Series 42" Gas Burner Hybrid Single Zone Charcoal & Wood Burning with Infra-Red Burner Grill (EMCHDZ42)

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Revolutionize Your Grilling Experience with the SUNSTONE Series 42 In. Gas/Charcoal/Wood Hybrid

Step into the future of outdoor grilling with the SUNSTONE Series 42 In. Gas/Charcoal/Wood Hybrid, a remarkable evolution that sets a new standard in the realm of outdoor cooking. Building upon its predecessor's legacy, this grill introduces groundbreaking features, including integrated Dual Gas Combined 35,000 BTU Burners and an Ignition System beneath each Charcoal/Wood Drawer. Paired with the Exclusive Dual Zone Charcoal & Wood Burning Drawer System, it emerges as a true game-changer.

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty Construction & Components
  • All 14 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel Drawer System
  •  All 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  •  Easy Lift Spring Assisted Hood
  •  Exclusive Integrated Dual-Gas Ignition Burners
  •  Combined 35,000 BTU Liquid Propane Burners
  •  Dual Zone Height Adjustable Burn Trays
  •  Dual Zone Fireboxes Allows for all Grilling Styles
  •  Removable Center Divider Partition Wall
  •  Burn Charcoal or Wood Logs in Drawers
  •  Drawers are fully removable for easy cleaning
  •  Drawers can be Locked Closed for Safety
  •  Adjustable Vents in each Drawer Face & Hood
  •  Dual Left & Right back Hood Louver Venting
  •  Included Stow-Away Dual Level Warming Rack
  •  LED Front Control Panel Lighting Effects
  •  Interior Bright Halogen Lighting
  •  Optional Dual High or Low Warming Rack Positions (Includes One Warming Rack)
  •  Optional Smoker/Steamer Box (Smoker Box Not Included)
  •  Optional Up-to Two Rotisserie Units (Rotisserie Not Included)

Unmatched Versatility
Innovatively designed, the Dual Gas Combined Burners and Charcoal/Wood Drawer System offer a versatile range of grilling, smoking, and searing options.
Swap between Charcoal and Wood types with ease, enabling uninterrupted grilling while ensuring effortless cleanup by disposing of ash waste.
Flavorful Culinary Exploration

Customize your grilling experience using the height-adjustable top tray, capable of accommodating whole wood pieces like Mesquite or Oak.
Enhance your dishes with unique and nuanced flavors, whether opting for high-heat searing or low-heat indirect cooking.
Premium Cooking Grids

Crafted from Solid 304 Stainless Steel, the cooking grids embody durability and quality.
The Exclusive Variable Rod Spacing on the circular inset grate ensures even cooking, allowing for larger items on the sides and smaller delicacies in the center.
Limitless Upgradability

Elevate your culinary ventures by tapping into the grill's potential for endless upgrades.
Choose from a range of possibilities including the Pizza Stone, Griddle, Charcoal Tray, Deep Fryer, Sear Pro Grate, extra Warming Rack, or dual Rotisserie Rods.
Unrivaled Quality and Design

All Construction Materials and components, meticulously composed of Solid 304 Stainless Steel, reflect a commitment to excellence.
Crafted exclusively in the USA by the grilling experts of Sunstone, this grill stands as a testament to superior engineering.

Chef-Approved Excellence
The SUNSTONE Series 42 In. Gas/Charcoal/Wood Hybrid has undergone rigorous testing by top BBQ Competition Event Chefs.
Its performance and superiority in the market are evident, solidifying its position as a cut above the rest.

Embrace the future of outdoor grilling with the SUNSTONE Series 42 In. Gas/Charcoal/Wood Hybrid. Elevate your culinary endeavors, unleash your creativity, and redefine your grilling experience. This grill embodies the pinnacle of innovation and quality, a true triumph in the world of outdoor cooking.

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